Amarena Fabbri

A fruit, a tradition, an icon. Amarena Fabbri is the Italian specialty that has made the company famous throughout the world. Unique and inimitable, it is the result of carefully selecting the best fruit, seeded and candied in amarena cherry syrup according to a process handed down generation to generation since the creation of the recipe by the company’s founder.
Delicious on its own, Amarena is also used to give color and flavor to mixed drinks as well. Cocktails, long drinks, aperitifs… the trendiest creations have that bright red colour of Amarena Fabbri.

Fruit with syrup

Whole pre-candied amarena cherries. Ideal for having delicious, appealing desserts and cocktails. Also available in a lovely, transparent glass jar with the unmistakable white and blue faience decorations. Perfect for bar displays.

Drip-dried amarena cherries

Whole, pre-candied amarena cherries (without syrup), making them particularly suited for toppings or fillings.

Amarenata with syrup

Whole, pre-candied cherries for sweet creations. Ideal for fillings or as a topping for cocktail and desserts. A true source of inspiration for baristas!

Retail packaging

Amarena Fabbri, the company’s hallmark product, is the epitome of goodness. It’s flavor brings out the child in all of us. In elegant retail packaging, it makes an ideal gift for the most demanding gelato lovers. The traditional iridescent glass jar with its distinctive white and blue details comes in two variations: the 600g size with handy recipe book and the 1.2kg size. For promotional initiatives related to take-out gelato sales, there is also the handy 120g jar, which is ideal for decorating a tub of gelato.

Tuttofrutto with syrup

Whole, pre-candied amarena cherries for sweet creations, a true delight for the taste buds. “Tuttofrutto with syrup” contains a greater quantity of fruit than the “Fruit with syrup” products and is ideal as a topping for cocktails, gelato and other desserts.

Marbling and filling

Whole, pre-candied amarena cherries to make irresistibly delicious desserts and milkshakes or to decorate cocktails.

Amarena Fabbri

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